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Getting Started with Flash Augmented Reality – FLARManager

OK, for the past few months, I have been playing with Flash augmented reality. Its fun, but it takes time to figure out how the technology works. So here’s a summary for you…


  • FLAR – Flash Augmented Reality
  • flarToolKit – this is the API being used for Flash Augmented Reality, made by saqoosha (Japanese)
  • flarManager – an API built on top of the flarToolKit to make it easier to use, made by Eric Socolofsky
  • .pat – pattern files, needs to be generated in order for the API (flarToolKit) to identify your marker
  • nyId markers – new addition to flarToolKit which does not need pattern files, these are predetermined markers which cannot be modified and has numbers associated with them

Getting Started (easiest way) – you will be needing a webcam to make this work

  1. Download FLARManager
  2. Open flex builder (in my case, I’m using flex builder 4), then go to FILE > IMPORT FLEX PROJECT (FXP)
  3. A window will pop up, and with FILE selected, click BROWSE, find the zip you downloaded and select that, click finish once you are done
  4. You will then see the FLARManager folder on the outline panel (left hand side)
  5. Select SRC > default package > — the as file should pop up on the right hand side
  6. You will likely see an error message saying “Cannot create HTML Wrapper, right-click….” on the “Problems” panel. To solve this, just right click and select “Recreate HTML templates”.
  7. print out the markers located inside the  FLARManager Folder —  FLARManager > resources > flarToolkit > patterns > patterns01.pdf
  8. cut out the markers (or not) then go back to your file
  9. push the play button and show the markers to the webcam!


Check out part 2 (FLARManager – Changing DAE) on how to change Mario into your own DAE.

4 thoughts on “Getting Started with Flash Augmented Reality – FLARManager

  • Deganit  | 

    Hi there!
    this is the best tut i’ve seen! and I try more then few in the last week…
    so first of all- thank you!!!
    I dont know much action script, actualy i’m a web designer, but i love code
    and it is a great chalange for me…
    And now to my AR question….how do I change the object that pops up from the marker?
    I want to replace it with an object I created with 3d max, I have 3 different exported files-DAE ,OBJ,and f3d.
    how and where do I put them so it replaces the object I see now??
    I’ll be greatfull forever if you can help.

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  • Nada  | 

    Hello there!
    thank you very much for this great job!
    i am trying to do my AR application, But i can’t even get started yet !
    i keep having this error
    1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: Matrix3D.
    it appears even when i run any flar example !
    pleas help
    it is urgent
    thanks in advance


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